Rinoldi's History

Rinoldi was established in 1878 by Thomas Reynolds. Rinoldi at the time was sold under the "Crown Brand", and pasta was often referred to as Macaroni, which was the term used to describe generic pasta. In the early 1910s, production moved to a two-story building located on Aberdeen Street in East Prahran, Victoria.

Neville Quayle, who began at Rinoldi working as a general factory hand, eventually bought Rinoldi from the Reynolds estate in 1958. Production remained in Prahran until the 1970s when everything was moved to a larger location in South Yarra so more "modern" pasta-making techniques could be used. Around this time, Rinoldi purchased Hancock's Golden Crust Pty. Ltd and their Kookaburra brand pasta which began in 1927.

In 1996, after outgrowing its South Yarra location and the increasing Melbourne traffic becoming an issue, Rinoldi moved production to Mulgrave in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs.

Rinoldi continues to grow. New production and packing lines are always being added and upgraded and the Research and Development team works on new products. In 2006 Rinoldi purchased the Nanda and Vetta brands and expanded the company further. Rinoldi is still located South East of Melbourne in a modern 12,500sq. m site and continues to be owned and run by Neville's family.

Rinoldi Images Through Time