Rinoldi has been manufacturing pasta since 1878, making it one of Australia's oldest pasta manufacturers. All our pasta products are made using the finest ingredients, and Italian pasta-making methods ensuring our products cook perfectly every time. Rinoldi offers a range of products for the consumer packaged retail market and bulk products for foodservice and industrial/canning uses. Select the images below for more information on each category.

Retail Products Food Service Bulk


Rinoldi Instant Lasagna Sheets. Rinoldi Instant lasagna Sheets are made with the best Australian Durum Wheat Semolina and made using traditional Italian methods. Rinoldi's Lasagna Sheets do not require pre-cooking making them quick and easy. Available in 250g NET packs and 5kg boxes (in Food Service range). Rinoldi also offers a large range of shapes (for example Penne, Fettuccine and Spaghetti) in our Vetta brand. Visit www.vettapasta.com.au for more information.

Food Service

Rinoldi also offers a range a Food Service products for those who require larger quantities (for example restaurants). The Food service range typically comes in a cartons containing 10kg each and are available in a large variety of shapes. Please email us at sales@rinoldipasta.com.au for any inquiries you may have.


Perfect for manufacturers who produce dry or wet goods requiring large amounts of pasta in bulk. This can include products like microwave pasta or side dishes, canned pastas, and canned soups. Rinoldi has a wide range of shapes we can produce, and can custom tailor a formulation to fit your needs. Please email us at sales@rinoldipasta.com.au for any inquiries you may have.