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High Quality Snack and Cereal Pellets from Rinoldi

Rinoldi has spent many decades researching a large variety of pellet products for many different purposes. Our pilot plant consists of 2 extruders, pasta/pellet drying equipment, coating equipment and a hot air puffing/toasting appliance that can finish pellets, Low Fat Snacks, RTE Breakfast Cereals, Instant/QC Pastas, Rice Puffs for Granola/Muesli Bars, Instant Hashbrown Strips, etc. Apart from this toasting equipment, another low fat use of pellets is in Rice Cakes and the possibility of using pellets other than rice e.g. potato, Maize, Multigrain, Wholegrain, High fibre, etc.

Over the years, Rinoldi has continually developed new and better methods of commercial manufacture which ensures consistent and reproducible products of high quality. Our technical expertise, sophisticated technology, attention to detail and service follow-up give Rinoldi an edge over other pellet suppliers. The Rinoldi customer list speaks for itself; please consult us about your snack and cereal food requirements.

Pellet Product Advantages:

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Available Shapes

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Altra Chip Bats
Dinosaurs Flat Chip
Green Peaz Wheels Krispa Strips
Crinkle Onion Rings
O Ring Rice Blobs
Rockets Shells
Square Chip Stars
Strongman Tubes
RTE Breakfast: O Rings RTE Breakfast: Bran Sticks

Altra Chip

A flat rectangular square pellet which puffs a large square chip which is perfect any flavour you have in mind. Altra chips are similar to flat chips however are made with a different formulation.


A great fun shaped pellet that puffs into a large bat shaped snack. Bats are great for kids, and themed snacks. Bats have only been pilot plant tested.


Fun and great for kids. Dinosaur snack pellets puff up to the perfect sized snack for small hands.

Flat Chip

A flap rectangular shaped pellet which can be used to a range of snacks.

Green Peaz Wheels

A green wagon wheel shaped pellet that puffs into a crunchy larger snack. Green Peaz Wheels pellets are already flavoured so all you have to do if puff them, and their ready to go. Green Peaz Wheels are currently not available in Australia.

Krispa Strips

Suited to any flavour you have in mind. Krispa strips are long and flat, and the perfect sized snack for any occasion.


Thinner and longer than the krispa strips. Crinkle chips can be used for a range of different snack products and flavours, and are the perfect sized for snacking.

Onion Rings

The largest ring shaped pellet in our range, Onion Rings puff up into a large ring shaped snack.

O Ring

Our smallest ring shaped pellet, O Rings puff into a perfect crunchy bite sized snack.

Rice Blobs

Made from rice flour and extruded into small "blobs", rice blobs have many applications, from breakfast cereals to snack bars. Hot air expansion means no oil is involved, resulting in a healthy option for those who are health conscious.


A great snack for kids after something fun and different. Rockets are only pilot plant tested.


A unique pellet perfect for those after something a little different. Shells resemble their name and look like sea shells.

Square Chip

A unique long rectangular hollow pellet that puffs up into the perfect size chip. Square chips are great for those after a more traditional shape with a twist added.


Suitable for young and old, and those in between. Stars provides a fun shaped snack for those who after something a little more fun and different.


Shaped like a person and great for everyone. Strongman pellets puff into a large crunchy delicious chip.


A small pellet that expands into a medium sized snack. Toobs resemble a short hollow pipe and can be used for various flavour combinations.

RTE Breakfast Cereal: O Rings

An O shaped pellet which is oven puffed to create a light healthy breakfast cereal. Cereal rings can be made using various formulas and grains to suit your needs.

Bran Sticks

A great source of fibre and made using whole grain wheat, bran sticks can be eaten on their own as a breakfast cereal, or used in a breakfast cereal mix. The high fibre content with keep you regular, as well as help fill you up, and help with the control of blood sugar levels.